Natural Stone Cleaning


1)  Most common mistake made when cleaning marble, limestone and travertine is using the wrong cleaning products.

Acidic cleaners intended for ceramic tile and grout will have a violent reaction with these stones containing calcium.

Many window cleaners contain vinegar, which is acidic. These cleaners will etch or burn the stones surface.

Having neutral pH cleaners labeled for natural stone in the areas where someone may find cleaning supplies will lessen the chance of the wrong cleaning product being used that could cause damage to the natural stone.                                                                                                           

2)  High alkaline stone cleaners may be used with caution to clean oil, grease and soap residue from a stone surface with testing in an obscure area first.

High alkaline cleaners may degrade or remove some topical sealers and impregnating sealers from natural stone if previously applied.

It is possible to damage a polished stones surface by strong high alkaline cleaning. It is also advisable to contact a natural stone restoration professional to do this type of work.


3)  Don't clean natural stone with anything but water or a stone specific cleaner designed for the stone you have. Look for the word "neutral" on the label of the stone cleaner you are about to use.


4)  Abrasives should never be used on any natural stone to clean with because of the possibility of scratching the stones surface. Only a soft cloth to wipe with or a soft nylon brush to scrub the stones surface with just plain water or a neutral stone cleaner should be used.

5)  A sealer may be applied to help aid in cleaning and protect porous stones from water and oil born stains.
Your natural stone should last more than a life time when proper care is given.

What you have read above, was to help with the care of natural stone and not scare you from it. So enjoy the beautiful resource of 'Natural Stone'.


Natural Stone Stains

If stains have developed, see 'Natural Stone Stain Removal Guide' before further cleaning.