Natural Stone Damage Cases


1. A cleaning person used a well - known glass cleaner and it was spilled on the marble floor that was in the bathroom and the marble vanity top as well.

This common glass cleaner contained vinegar which is acidic and it burned or etched the stones finish.


2. The builder that didn’t cover to protect a very expensive natural stone floor during the construction process suffers as other contractors saw that tools from the other trades were placed on the unprotected floor and did the same. Also there was no walk off mats at any of the entries.

The floor was scratched, paint stained and acid etched.


3. The home owner had let the granite countertops be used as a very expensive step ladder to change the recessed light bulbs.

Cracks developed at the sink and where the drop-in stove top cut outs were.


4. A polished marble floor that had a party on it and wine was spilled and not cleaned up soon enough.

The polished marble was etched where wine droplets were not cleaned up in time.                                                 


5. The home owner thought he could use sandpaper to remove a scratch from the polished granite countertop.

Scratches from the sandpaper were worse than the single scratch that was to be removed.


6. A stone mason did a beautiful job installing an exterior 'bluestone' patio, and sealed the stone with an exterior wood deck sealer.

The stone turned a hazed white color and no longer was a beautiful 'bluestone'.


7. Someone was trying to remove rust from a faucet and thought that the granite was not acid sensitive.

The rust remover contained hydrofluoric acid with which will etch most granite.


8. A stone fabricator's installer of a countertop did not get the seams of the stones together correctly and did not match the color of the joining adhesive well.

Results were an uneven surface connection and a noticeable color separation where the stones had been joined.


9. An appropriate natural stone impregnating sealer was applied, but excess was not removed.

Results were a residue that was tacky to the touch created an undesirable appearance.


10. The home owner drops a plate and chips a large piece of stone from their granite countertop and lost or threw away the stone chip.

The missing chip could have been re-attached and not look as there was any damage.


All damage to the natural stone cases above can be repaired by a natural stone restoration specialist to not be perceivable, as though it never happened.